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Outsideronmyownagain January 23rd 2013 06:59 PM

Giving up
Really trying to improve myself but you can't change who you are can you. All I will ever be is the shy and quiet girl that no one even knew that well so at my funeral no one will even say that they miss me . My brother hits me all the time and my mum just said defend yourself but I'm weak and he does karate lessons. Nobody notices me at school and even now that I'm skipping lessons no one calls my parents I check up on me . My parents don't even want to know me and make fun of my shy personality . All Ido is eat and listen to music on my own . This really is the end isn't it I will never be noticed. Can't articulate myself properly an I. Am so damn weak I started running but snow stopped my ability to do so . I like it when I run I am free no one can judge me I only have time to think that's all no one saying you are a loner for running on your own. But everyone hates me yes they do even my teachers say that i have a non demonstrative personality in my university reference I think this means they hate me too and don't care about my future guess I should ide

Just Breathe January 23rd 2013 07:22 PM

Re: Giving up
You shouldn't have to change for anyone!
Just because you don't fight back doesn't make you weak!
Believe it or not it makes you strong.
No matter how many people make fun of you, all that matters is what you think of yourself.
Don't listen to them, your beautiful just the way you are.
Everyone on here can relate to how your feeling. So your not alone!
I'm so sick of hearing about these beautiful girls killing themselves because of heartless people in this world.

I care about you :hug:

I'm here if u need to talk!

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