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foxchick4 March 2nd 2010 03:52 AM

falling apart
i dont know what to do. i seriously feel like my whole life is falling apart right now. i think everything that could be going wrong right now pretty much is. theres been times in my life before when i've felt like this, where everythings just falling apart but this time, i just dont know what to do. theres issues at school, at home with my parents, and with my mom especially. i dont feel like theres anywhere i can go where i feel safe anymore and i cant figure out how to get everything together. i want to feel like i have control of my life again. and i dont know how to do that. i dont even know if thats possible. i just need help

kingsprincess724 March 2nd 2010 05:21 AM

Re: falling apart
i think it is important to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I have been in this same situation multiple times and from posts I have read on here, many other people have been to. The best thing I can tell you is probably also the last thing you want to hear but hang on because it seems you have hit bottom and honestly the only way you can go is up even though it may not seem like going up is possible it will gradually happen if you let it.

is it possible to confront some of the issues at school or home? like if the problems are with other peers confront them or go to an authority about them? it may seem like tattling but I have found teacher's notice a lot more than we think they do with what is going on with the students and usually they can have some pretty good advice of how to handle sitautions.

As for at home is likely your mom is feeling the same tension you are. I am very cautious about giving advice on how to deal with problems with parents because outside people just don't know what it is really like in a person's house behind closed doors. But my best advice from what you have given is what about writing a letter to her explaining how you are feeling? If I read it right you're about 15 (if not sorry it won't show me your age on here) but that is a common time for teenagers to really butt head with their parents. But once again I don't know the situation.

I hope I helped somehow.

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