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Hope. March 8th 2010 11:41 PM

why do people care so much??
ive nvr been this suicidal before...ive thought about it for a long time...but like today i was pushed over the limit...my mom has no idea what is going on with me and just thinks its "teenage drama and i need to get over it" cuz being sad and mad all time "isnt human"...like i cant tell her cuz ... just it would be bad...and like i had a plan to do it today after school...but i chickened out and just cut instead...i dont know what to do :'(...am i completely crazy idk...

honestly i just want people to stop caring about me so i can hurt/kill myself without anyone caring...i dont want to hurt anyone else except myself...am i crazy? the only reason i didnt kill myself today was because too many people care at the moment and i just need people to stop so i can just die and be forgotten...i know its dumb but...ya...

Bite Me March 8th 2010 11:58 PM

Re: why do people care so much??
First of all... if you are crazy, we are crazy together! I feel the same way about wanting people to not care so I can get it over with, but at the same time...I want people to care. I am sure you want people to care too, but you are just having such a rough time and nothing is going right, you just want to let go... but the people who care won't let you. I too have a mom like yours...but instead of thinking it's just teenage drama... she also blames my dad's death for the way I feel, when I know it isn't just that. I am glad you chickened out, and thought about all the people who care about you.
I definitely know this might sound crazy, but I care about you. Whenever I see your username in chat, it actually does give me hope. You are a strong girl, and the people who care about you see that too. If you ever need to talk... I am here. And if I am not here I will get back to you as soon as I can. Just leave me a message!! I hope you feel better tomorrow.. sounds like today was rough on you! Hope I gave you Hope :) Maybe I'll talk to you soon!

WillO'Wisp March 9th 2010 12:17 AM

Re: why do people care so much??
Don't wish for people to stop caring about you. When you wonder why you're here, the things you think about are the friends and family who love you and would miss you if you were gone, and that's something that stops you from killing yourself. That's good, because it's a waste to just give up on yourself without knowing how good things can be.
I know things seem rough for you right now, but maybe if you tried talking to your mom about how you are feeling and opened up to her, she could understand and could get you some help to stop cutting. Maybe she just doesn't understand because you won't talk to her and she's waiting for you to come to her and talk about this.
I talked to my mom when I felt that way and she was alot more understanding and helpful than I expected.

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