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westitchthesewounds December 16th 2010 12:02 AM

This is how my day usually goes. Get up in the morning, get ready, go to the bus stop, sit in the back by myself listening to my ipod, drop off my backpack in my first class, walk around with my friends, go to my classes, get on the bus to go home and repeat what I do on the bus in the morning, get home, go on my mom's laptop and watch movies until dinner, then go in my room and try not to do something stupid like cut or kill myself untill I go to bed. Sounds fun, huh? Yeah right. I do the same thing everyday. I've been running on auto pilot for weeks, and what kills me the most is that no one notices. I have to sit and literally convince myself that I'm real and not a dream, that I'm not going to fade away. But I'm sick of having to do that everyday. I'm running on empty. I'm ready to give up.

Blair December 16th 2010 12:11 AM

Re: Triggering:SH/Suicide
Tell a friend that you're depressed. Talk about it. Get out of your own head more. It'll make you feel more real

harley December 16th 2010 12:16 AM

Re: Triggering:SH/Suicide
If you need to talk to anyone please talk to any of us we are willing to help you anytime you want or need it

Life17 December 16th 2010 02:04 AM

Re: Triggering:SH/Suicide
I remember those days nothing ever changes and your hoping someone will notice and take you out of that element but no one hears that silent scream. I would say that this will go on as long as you want for it to go on. Soon that silent scream will turn into a loud one. You should talk to someone you can really trust when you have that along time to think about harming yourself. I use to write it all down in my journal... what was going on in my mind, how i wanted to cut up myself my suicide plan trust me it helps. PM me if you wanna talk.

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