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Pets Whether you prefer four-legged creatures, reptiles, or any animal in between, use this forum for any questions you have about your pets or pets you would like to have.

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Fishes. - July 16th 2016, 10:25 PM

Has anyone ever had a pet fish? Can you give me some insights on them?

Aquarium tank vs bowl?
Warm water vs room temp vs cool water?
What to feed them?
Light vs darkish environment?
Plants or no plants?
Rocks or no rocks?
Totally do away with decorations?
How often do I clean the bowl/tank?

I really want a Betta fish, but I hear those live for ten years.
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Re: Fishes. - July 16th 2016, 10:31 PM

I've had a beta and they are fun. But, a lot of your questions depend on the type of fish you want. Some fish are going to need a certain temperature for their water etc. You could probably either do research on the fish you want to get that information or go into the pet store and ask the specialist there. I'd suggest doing both because the pet stores don't always know everything that they should.

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Re: Fishes. - July 16th 2016, 10:59 PM

I've had my two betas. One is over a year old now and the other is approaching a year old.
I would go with a fish tank with a filter so some of the gunk gets filtered out. My fish have fake plant decorations and they like them because they can swim around them and hide.
My fish tanks also come with a light on them. The light shouldn't stay on 24/7 but they do like Having the light on.
I feed my betas beta-specific food found in a pet store. Like fish flakes only for betas. I hear they also like bloodworms.
I try to clean the tanks every two weeks at least but it doesn't always Happen.
I'd talk to the fish person at the store when you go to buy them for specifics ok your type of fish.

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Re: Fishes. - July 17th 2016, 05:52 PM

Your care will ultimately determine how long your fish will live since they don't commonly have diseases that occur outside of being neglected.

The care stuff I mention is specifically for Betta fish, so let me know if you decide to go with a different fish because different fish have different care requirements. I'll go through all your questions and add a couple extra tips at the end. Some from Google and some from personal experience.

Aquarium tank vs bowl?
Never put any fish in a vase or even bowls marketed for fish as they are almost always way too small. At a minimum, for one Betta fish, it is recommended they have a five gallon tank. They can obviously live in smaller spaces, but it wouldn't make for a happy or very healthy fishy.
Warm water vs room temp vs cool water?
Betta's are tropical fish, so they thrive in warm waters between 75F and 85F. Cold water is bad for their health, as is water that is too warm.
What to feed them?
There's Betta specific food available at the majority of pet stores, and you can always get the opinion of someone who works there. They don't typically like food that is flakes. I'd also avoid generic fish food and be careful not to overfeed them. They only need to eat a few pellets of food once or twice a day that they can eat in two minutes. After about two minutes and they've stopped eating, if there's anything left over it's recommended to remove it. (Their stomachs are the size of their eyes.) You can also treat them to live blood worms or freeze dried shrimp, I read. But that is completely optional.
Light vs darkish environment?
The tank should be kept out of direct sunlight, since this can make algae grow more quickly than it would otherwise. It's recommended that the tank have a light on during the day, but to turn it off at night to give them a sort of rest period. I don't know if it's true with all fish, but my brother had a goldfish that was kept in the dark 90% of the time and it had turned completely white (from orange).
Plants or no plants?
Betta fish (and most fish, I think) love to have an exciting tank. They like shady areas and places to hide. Just be careful of ornaments that have sharp edges, since their fins are delicate. They like driftwood, along with plants (real or fake), and little "houses" to hide inside.
Rocks or no rocks?
Gravel is fine to have, especially since it helps anchor some of the decorations. If you do have gravel, do not feed them live worms since the worms will hide in the gravel. If you want to treat your Betta, I'd stick to freeze dried shrimp.
Totally do away with decorations?
As I mentioned in the plants question, Betta's love decorations. They like to hide and have areas with shade. I'd just make sure they still had enough open space to swim in as well.
How often do I clean the bowl/tank?
The bigger the tank, the less often you have to clean and replace the water (added bonus with a filter). If there is no filter, I'd clean weekly. If there's a filter you can probably shoot for biweekly. It's recommended to replace 25% of the water once a month.

✻ Do not use tap water in your tank. It is generally unsafe for fish unless you treat it with a water chlorine neutralizer and up to a teaspoon (per gallon of water) of aquarium or rock salt (not table/iodized salt). And the larger the tank, the less water you will have to replace at each cleaning.
✻ When you get your fish, don't plop them right into the tank. The water conditions may be very different and fish are very sensitive to changes in the water. Introduce them slowly in a small cup of tank water after getting the temperatures of the tank water and the water they came home in as similar as possible.
✻ Don't fill the tank up to the rim, leave a few inches since Betta's get air from the surface. They are also good jumpers.
✻ Change the filter regularly per manufacturers instructions. I know that might be common sense, but some people put one filter in and think they're set for life.
✻ Regardless of the water you use, putting a bit of salt in it will help prevent multiple diseases. The salt kills bacteria and prevents parasites.
✻ I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but male Betta's should be strictly solitary as they are very territorial. All fish do have their own unique personality, but that's something I wouldn't risk because they tend to find and one or both may be killed. Females tend to live together alright, but I can let you know about doing that later if you're ever interested.

And in regards to lifespan, the ~average~ lifespan of a Betta is two to four years, but depending on how well they are cared for they can live up to six or even ten.

Fish can be really fun, in my opinion. People who say fish are the inferior pet have probably never had one live for more than a month. They all have their own personalities and come with the perk of pretty/vibrant colors. Ever seen a cat or dog that had naturally blue, pink, or purple fur? Didn't think so. You can play with your Betta and even train them with certain limitations, but it can still be a fun experience. If you do get a fishy, make sure to make a thread to introduce us to them.

Best of luck!

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July 22nd 2016, 11:20 AM

Hey g'day. I worked in a pet shop for a while and I can give you some answers.

1. You can either put them in a bowl or an aquarium. Personally I've had betas in bowls for years and they've lived longer than 3 years. I used to have a pretty big bowl with elodeas and bubbles placed in the bowl. I had really bad experience with aquariums but it's up to you. Bowls are easier, aquariums are a tiny bit harder.
2. Our betas was always placed under a light or in a room where the sun would be shining on the bowl for a few hours. Place the bowl or aquarium somewhere tad bit warm because they are originally from rice paddies.
3. There's special granules for betas, ask the local pet store about which ones. I would give my beta frozen bloodworms as its healthy for them. As for how much to feed them, 2-4 granules of food is enough per day.
4. Like I said in number 2, place under a light or a well lit room. They're very smart. If they can see you, they'll know your routine and stuff. They'll come up to the surface for feeding time. It's amazing
5. Plants are a must, it's how they get their oxygen. I've always used Elodeas. They're pretty and they grow constantly.
6. Recommend no rocks, but smooth pebbles.
7. Decorations! Yes, they love to hide, sometimes rest themselves on the decorations, it's cute!
8. Clean the bowl/change the water when the water looks murky. Remember you should always have a seperate cleaning stuff - NO SOAP! Soap will kill the fish.

Any other questions? Ask away

Ill attached a picture later, of my other fishbowl that is now going 5 years now ^^ 2 goldfishes and a rose barb, with loads of elodeas (my favourite aquatic plant and a cave for them to hide in

breathe. it's just a bad day, not a bad life.

Last edited by Horsefeathers.; July 22nd 2016 at 12:38 PM. Reason: Just merging posts to keep it tidy. :)
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Re: Fishes. - July 23rd 2016, 12:40 PM

Has anyone ever had a pet fish? Can you give me some insights on them?
I have owned fish in the past. I love fish. I find watching them swim around in their tank is relaxing.

Aquarium tank vs bowl?
I recommend maybe a 2.5 or so gallon tank, if you're going for a betta. If not then you need something bigger. They usually recommend 1 gallon per inch of fish, or if it's a gold fish they recommend 5 gallons per inch of fish since goldfish become huge!
Warm water vs room temp vs cool water?
Warm water is usually the best way to go. Bettas don't need much heat if any so if you go for them don't keep the water too warm. My betta was in room temperature and he was fine.
What to feed them?
Bettas have their own specific food. Most fish do actually..
Light vs darkish environment?
The tank I got has a little light on the top of it. I recommend a little bit of light, but keep it away from windows.
Plants or no plants?
If you decide to get plants (I didn't) make sure that they are soft so they wont hurt the bettas skin. They usually recommend doing the nylon test by rubbing it against it. If the nylon gets damaged it could damage your betta.
Rocks or no rocks?
I used a rock that my betta could hide in since I didn't have any plants. It was an arch thing so he could hide in the arch.
Totally do away with decorations?
I definitely recommend having an arch type thing so he can hide, like i mentioned above.
How often do I clean the bowl/tank?
If you get one with a filter, you might only have to do water changes. I did them once a week.

I really want a Betta fish, but I hear those live for ten years.[/color]
Mine lived for about 3 years. I don't think they live for 10. I think the max might be 5.

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Re: Fishes. - July 25th 2016, 05:30 AM

Hi there!

I've had fishes growing up and they are pretty cool pets! They calm me down.

I think the best thing to do is ask questions that you have to someone that works at a pet shop so they can give you a better insight and tips on the best solution.

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Re: Fishes. - July 31st 2016, 01:01 AM

Fish are great but I only suggest adopting then at places that have fish adoptions, pet smart and other pet stores are extremely cruel behind the scenes with there animals, discounting the cat adoptions.

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