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lollipops September 22nd 2017 06:56 PM

Help me
How do I stop it
I want to have the courage to hurt myself but I canít
But i also hate it
I just want to be happy
How can I stop it

Heathen September 22nd 2017 07:35 PM

Re: Help me
I am a little unclear as to whether you're asking how to have the courage to stop self-harming or how to have the courage to start self-harming, but either way it's a terrible idea. Self-harm will never make you happy. It will only send you into a destructive spiral that will rob you of any all goodness in life. Please, don't do it. It's not your friend and you'll only regret it in the end.

I can't tell you what can make you stop. I only know what made me stop, and that was realizing that I would most likely die if I didn't stop because my self-harm was really severe and I've endangered my life with it on several occasions. I decided that self-harm was not taking me down the path I wanted to go. If anything, it was doing the exact opposite. A gulf had developed between me and everything/everyone I loved and cared about. So I decided I needed to stop for good, before it killed me, or before I lost all that was precious to me.

I would suggest making a list of things that make you happy. It can be anything, big or small, but keep it with you if possible, and look at it when you're experiencing the urge to self-harm. Look at what it will cost you. I also suggest reaching out to family and friends if possible because urges to SH can lead to isolation and if you're connected to people it's harder to do something that you know would damage those connections. If you're struggling in the moment there's a sticky with lots of great alternatives in this forum.

I believe in you and I know you can resist the urge. Take care, and if you need anything else please PM me.

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