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Igenio March 29th 2016 06:06 PM

I'm a monster
Hey guys,
I kinda want to have anorexia. And I feel really disgusting about it.
I just want to feel proud and strong and be thin and all those people trying to help you and the attention you'll get. But it just makes me feel pathetic. Especially since I know having a ED really isn't fun.

nygirl123 April 1st 2016 02:35 AM

Re: I'm a monster
It's not abnormal to want something like this.
I'll admit I wanted to have divorced parents, but when it actually happened to me i realized i do not want divorced parents.

From personal experience I can 100% promise you that you DO NOT want an ed.
You miss out on so much good food, you lose a lot of friends, you no longer have personal likes and dislikes, you never do anything social, and you never really achieve your "ideal body". It's not a way to live and exercising and eating well will give you a WAY better body i promise. The recovery isn't fun either. Nothing about it is fun so please get help before it even begins.

Kindred April 1st 2016 09:23 PM

Re: I'm a monster
You're not a monster.

I've talked to a lot of people who feel like you do, and rather than list all the bad parts of having an ED in an attempt to try to change your perspective, I just instead want to encourage you to seek help. It sounds like what you really want is help, you want someone to notice you're struggling and you want people to worry about you. When you're in a bad place, I know I for certain can empathize with what you're feeling.

This doesn't make you a monster. It means you're just looking for a way to find support. This isn't a good route to do that as you know, and you don't need an eating disorder to be worthy of help and support.

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