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Mikey August 25th 2010 06:37 AM

Diet Pills?
Guess who's apporaching eighteen.. so she can get some things she's always wanted. (: Finally.

But I was wondering if anyone has tried any sort of diet pills?
Example: What brand were they? Did you have to eat with them? What were the noticeable results? Did they work? Were there any side effects to taking diet pills?

Btw. Please don't post weight numbers that you lost - thank you. If any TH staff member has a problem with this thread, please PM me and happily I'll change it. I hope this follows the rules.

Jen August 25th 2010 04:06 PM

Re: Diet Pills?
Hey Mickayla,

Happy almost birthday :)

The truth is, Mickayla, diet pills are really dangerous. They do NOT work.

If, for your body, it would be healthy to lose weight (i.e. If a doctor told you that you need to lose weight) then there are healthy ways to go about it.

But given your previous threads in this forum, I don't think that a doctor would recommend for you to lose weight...it sounds like you are really struggling, and using diet pills would be just another ED behavior. For that reason, we're not going to encourage you to use diet pills, or give you a lot of information about them, because that would essentially be helping you give into your ED, you know?

I am going to close this thread, because while I know you are just looking for information, we are on a very fine line here between just giving innocent information and giving pro-ED information. But, if you (or anyone) disagrees, just send me a PM! And don't hesitate to start any new threads in the future; if you are having a hard time, or are feeling the urge to use ED behaviors, that's definitely something that could be helpful to talk about.


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