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Heartbreak Kid April 10th 2010 05:42 PM

Strange smell.. :S?
For the past few days i've been having a strange smell in my nose, its like an ammonia/bleechy smell. i have server headaches with it and tightness in my chest. Its hard to take a deep breath.

I went the A&E two days ago and they said it should be okay, but they did no blood tests or any tests so i don't know how they can be sure.

I'm taking painkillers and using Vick inhaler for the smell, but neither seem to be helping.

Anyone ever experinced this or no what it could be?

<3 x

TheLittleNinja April 10th 2010 09:48 PM

Re: Strange smell.. :S?
No, I havent experienced anything like that before.
Do your sinus's play up in this warmer weather as the pollens are coming out?
Becareful not to over use the vic as nasal sprays and the such, can become addicted - you cant clear your nose without them.

I'd leave it for a week and if its no different then go and see your local GP :)

Prozac April 11th 2010 12:31 PM

Re: Strange smell.. :S?
Hey there,

I sometimes get a strange smell in my nose when I'm getting a cold or illness, I don't think it's completely uncommon. The headaches and tightness in your chest may indicate that it's a symptom of an illness too.
I think that it's good that you've been to accident and emergency to get yourself checked out - that was a very good step forward. I think that if they've said things have been okay then hopefully things should pass within time. If you're still concerned, you may find it useful to visit your GP about your illness - it is possible that you have an infection.
I would also suggest that you persist with the painkillers and inhaler for the time being, as they may be able to slightly alleviate any symptoms you may be suffering from.

Take care of yourself.

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