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katpanda March 5th 2012 10:01 AM

Is it wrong...?
Is it wrong that I [Edited] want to lose a lot of weight?

Evanesco March 5th 2012 12:26 PM

Re: Is it wrong...?
I can't tell you whether or not your weight or your goal weight are wrong, your best bet is to visit a doctor who can weigh and measure you and recommend a weightloss plan (if you even need to lose weight). This would be the safest way to lose weight.

Ngikhona March 5th 2012 11:09 PM

Re: Is it wrong...?
I wouldn't say "wrong" is the word, but the type of weight loss you mentioned is pretty significant. A lot of factors go into what a healthy weight is, including gender, height, body type, etc. I would suggest that before losing any significant amount of weight, you consult a doctor first to find out if you're at a healthy weight and whether your goal weight is healthy or not. Though nothing online is entirely reliable in regards to finding a healthy weight range for you, there are BMI calculators you can look at to see what is a healthy weight for your gender and age and height. I wouldn't take these as the complete truth by any means, as I know friends whose BMIs are considered to be too low or too high and they're most definitely healthy people. Pretty much, your best bet is to talk to your doctor about what a good weight range for you is, but you can get some information online about it, as well.

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