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rhapsody April 12th 2010 07:57 PM

How can I get round this?
I know this is pretty trivial compared to most of the other problems on here but I double-booked and I need help getting out of it.

Basically I was invited to this girl's birthday night out and the only people I know who are going are the birthday girl (who always goes off with her boyfriend at these things) and my best friend (who always goes off with her ex boyfriend), so to make sure I wouldn't be alone I invited my boyfriend. Anyway, yesterday my best friend called me in tears to say that she was sick of always getting sucked back into casual relationships with her ex and wants to get over him for good. I made this big speech about how I'll always be there for her and help her keep away from him and then, as I hadn't heard anything back from my boyfriend so assumed he didn't want to go, I said that me and her would stick together on this night out and made her promise not to leave me for another guy. Of course later on my boyfriend called to say he has the night off work that day so he can come. I couldn't really say no - we work conflicting hours and so normally only get 2 evenings a week together.

Such drama I know. Can someone please help me sort out this mess?

PS. The funny thing is - I don't even want to go out. i have no money and all my time at the moment is taken up with work and study, I'd so much rather get some ice-cream and watch a dvd :p

PSY April 13th 2010 05:19 AM

Re: How can I get round this?
Hmmm. Well, which person would appreciate this more - your best friend, or your boyfriend? If you think your best friend would benefit more from the emotional support this weekend, I say go with her to the party (or ask her if she'd like to do something else that evening, like stay home and watch a movie xD). If you really want to spend time with your boyfriend instead of your best friend, then see if you can hang out with her earlier that day instead, or for two evenings instead of that one. OR, maybe all three of you could hang out together on the same night! =)

Jacksonian April 16th 2010 02:13 AM

Re: How can I get round this?
Well, you said you would stick with her, so stick with her. Keep to your word, you will still see your boyfriend either earlier or later or the next day if possible since its the weekend.

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