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BeautifulGame February 10th 2009 12:30 AM

Mom trouble
Well the last 7 months have been pretty shitty but what ever. Anyways i have been getting A's all my life(well most of it) any ways last semester i got one F one D and the rest C's. it brought my weighted GPA down it 3.5..... and my unweighted to 3.2.... (i am in AP/IB junior). anyways my mom is freaking out now. I currently have the exact same grades(in diffrent classes though and these grades are not updated, i should have 2B's and all C's. Anyways my mom keeps telling me that i would Barely get into community college and she is asking me for a "Plan". Well at first i told her i would drop IB and switch into Ap(a few of my teachers agreed to let me switch saying i have potential.) and drop an a hard class, but she says she wants something more solid. WTF does that mean? she was yelling at the top of her voice and cursed a little. She told me to come up with a plan that is not an "escape plan" whatever that means. IDK what to say or do. I know I am getting much better this terma dn i will eventually get B's and A's but idk what to tell her. I guess i could try to tell her that if i get a 5 on the ap test my teacher will bring my C upto an A. But she will just tell me i will never get a 5(even though i do descently in my sample essays and multiple choice practive)

Do you think if i raise my grades, i can still get into a decent school? not like ivy or anything but like University of Georgia/USF or anything like that?

So wtf should i tell my mom.

rockstar29 February 10th 2009 06:07 PM

Re: Mom trouble
you will definitly get into a decent school. my friend danielle has grades like u. C's and some D's in her freshman year and soph year. junior year she brought them up and senior year she has mostly B;s and A's
she got into all of her schools and got scholarships.
so dont worry =)

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