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honeycake March 13th 2009 07:26 PM

my mum and my boyfriend =/
Ok.... Me and my boyfriend sorta broke things off last week because he needed space and it happened before and last time my mam tried everything to cheer me up and it stressed her when we got back together and i didn't wanna put her through the strain again cos i knew this was another break yet i couldn't stop crying but would only cry when my family weren't in. I bottled it up, so my mam asked why chris didn't come up on sunday and i didn't want to lie or tell her neither so i said he's being distant. Now we are back on track and she is mad at me cos we are talking i keep saying we never split but we did. She just said don't you ever bring him near this house again :( its made me upset i like it when he's around mine also she's likes my sister's bf better cos she's always inviting him and saying he's so nice, so is chris he hasn't said a bad word to her or about her, i wish she would come round it's killing me and i love chris very much, as this happened to anyone before?

almostinvisible March 13th 2009 07:44 PM

Re: my mum and my boyfriend =/
Hey Jodie,
No, this has never happened to me but I think it would help if you sat down with your mom and talked to her about you and Chris. You could tell her the truth, and tell her how you didn't want to upset her again which is why you didn't tell her that you did split up. You sound like you really care about your mom, and I'm sure and I'm sure that she would try to understand better if you talked it over. I hope everything works out for you.

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