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FlowerKiss April 25th 2012 02:12 AM

what do you say at a job interview?
I have been trying so hard to get a new job and well so far I had three interviews. All of which I did not get, the first one was at a sit down restaurant it didn't work out, than there was a frozen yogurt place which I thought went great. I thought that it went great and it showed how punctuational I am because I came in early and mentioned how I loved kids ot even after someone did not show up making me look good and I even called him back but nope nothing! Than there was the ice cream place, thought it went well and when I called they acted like I was stupid for calling asking about it. Than a donut shop that would have been perfect, but I think they where actually put off by my pink hair so that was my fault but after that I have normal hair during the other ones.

I just don't know what to do with this, I mean did I do something wrong? I think I appear too fake but I feel like if I show my real self it would just be a disaster. What do you guys do overall in a job interview?

Music April 25th 2012 04:27 AM

Re: what do you say at a job interview?
I just answer questions and tell the truth.
However if my mood calls for it I just sit there jabbering on about how much I love working and am never late and a natural born leader, talking about things on their desk (like if they have a picture of their dogg I'll talk about my dog). I always get those jobs, so I guess that's the way to go.
Just make sure everything you say is true!
Dress for the job, if its a line cook job wear the cooking uniform if you have it for example.
Be early, but not too early, 5-15mins is good, usually I get there 30mins early and sit in my car until its 5 mins before.
Bring references, at least 3 professional ones if you have them.
Bring your resume, even if they have it.
Keep good posture and eye contact throughout the interview.
Keep jewellery to a minimum, wear plastic spacers if you have to. Employers often time don't value individualism.

If I think of more I'll add more.

Always * April 25th 2012 04:30 AM

Re: what do you say at a job interview?
Well, I guess I have the benefit in that my style is pretty mainstream. Kinda cute/skatery, about the most shocking part of my style would be the fact that I have huge boobs (so it's REALLY hard to avoid cleavage in even the slightest low cut shirts) AND I have 5 earrings (2 in my lobes, 1 in my cartilage). SO HOW you look is definitely important, pink hair or not. That being said, it isn't the centre of the universe.
I usually try to be like super casual about it. It's really hard NOT to be nervous, which interviewers know. Most people are put on the spot knowing they only have a short amount of time to impress someone. You can definitely strike up conversation and talk about something that interests both of you. They usually have a set of questions you can talk about, but if you can get around being nervous, uncomfortable etc. and chit chat a bit I think that defs helps.
And you should walk in there, say hi how are you, good handshake, the likes. Don't get discouraged by not getting a job yet. I've have unsuccessful interviews too, it happens to all of us.
HOpe that helps though :)

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