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DeletedAccount47 November 18th 2009 05:43 PM

I called her mum but I ment it
Today after class I went to my English teacher and after the entire class went it was only me and her and I said "Thank you, mum" she knows I see her has a mother figure and she was fine with me saying it as long I don't say it infront of the class. Ha-ha

Its not that I do not love my Mother, she's awesome :grin: we argue but were ok now. Were like every other mother daughter relationship but for a time she was always working and I hardly saw her. So I guess I just missed her quite a lot so I couldn't drag her out of work

But my teacher she's different I feel as if I've known her for years as if she's my best friend. Not that I don't like my best friend its hard to explain.

She's just some I can talk to about art and litriture, she's my best friend and teacher all in one. But is it wrong? Am I stupid? Or a Freak with some issues :huh:

I don't know...

Should I stop seeing her like after school? Unless for work? and during lessons...

i_am_me_again November 18th 2009 07:33 PM

Re: I called her mum but I ment it

This is a difficult situation. If the authorities found out what was going on she could lose her job at the school, or even lose her teaching licsence.

I would keep your relationship as teacher/pupil not just for your sake, but for your teachers aswell. Your not stupid...but you have to realise that she is your teacher and not a friend, no matter how close you are you should not see her out of school, for whatever reason,

Remain having a teacher/pupil relationship do not go any further.

DeletedAccount47 November 18th 2009 08:14 PM

Re: I called her mum but I ment it
ohhh....ok I'm sorry...

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