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Nymous March 25th 2010 07:30 PM

Here in Belgium, our school system is different from the English and American system.
When you go in secondary school, you have to choose a subject you are interested at. There are loads of subjects, but they are divised in five parts: Professional, Technic, Art, Main, or 'disabled' (extraordinary). The last parts is for people with a disability. Professional part is for people who already know what they wanna do (like nurse, electricien and other professions who are very tecnically), technic (a bit like professional) and main is for people who don't know it yet, and who want to go to university.
I'm in the 'main' part. There you have some subjects, namely 'science', 'economy', 'languages-mathematics', 'topsport' and 'human sciences'. I'm doing human sciences. On fact, everyone in the 'main' part has more or less the same courses: Mathematics, Sciences, French, English, Dutch, German, Religion, History, Geography, Art/Music/Esthetics and Sport. Above that, every subject has it's own specific courses. I'm doing human sciences, and above the main courses, I have Psychology and Culture Sciences.
So I have pretty much courses. Problem is, there's no 'lower' subject in 'main' part, and I can't go to technics. My marks are not bad, but not good. I have not a lot of bad marks at the moment, but I always have 6/10 and 7/10. If I fix more on some courses, I have good marks like 8/10 and 9/10 for these courses, but bad marks for other courses (less then 5/10).
I wonder now, should I fix on some courses to have good marks for them, or shouldn't I fix on specific courses and should I have for everything 6 or 7?

Beautiful Disaster March 25th 2010 11:01 PM

Re: Marks
Hey there,

I think it would be a good idea to talk to your teachers about this. It honestly depends on what you want to do, whether you need a higher mark for some or whether you need roughly the same or whether it doesn't matter. If you talk to your teachers, explain what you are struggling with? That way it might get you some help and extra support within the lessons and therefore enabling you to achieve slightly higher marks than you think you could.

Have you got any idea on what career or job or course you would like to do at University? Because you would probably need to get a slightly higher mark that subject and ones similar. For example if you decide you want to do History, you would need a good grade in that and then any other Humanity subject or subject that uses similar skills, if you understand.

Take care. :)

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