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Forever Confused April 1st 2010 04:08 AM

Confused on what to do
Ok here is the situation. I was at a 4 year university this fall but ended up transfering back home to a community college. The reason i left was because I play soccer and was on the team at my college. I didnt get along with the players or coaches that much and left. I loved the whole atmosphere of the college and everything but i wasnt happy being on that team and quitting soccer was not an option. So now im stuck at this community college back home. Im living with my parents and the school is a commuter school so everyone just goes to class then drives home or to work. I really really miss the whole college atmosphere and being active and social. Now my problem is barely any of my credits transfered froom the 4 year to my current college. That hurts me cause there are three schools im looking at. All 3 of the schools want me to be on the team. One is a state school about an hour away with an ok soccer team and has the major(s) in interested in. The other 2 are schools with big time teams and have the major i want. The problem is the two big time ones i would have to get my AA before being able to transfer to. Its gonna take me another 3 semesters to be able to get it. The one that is an hour away i can go to this fall. Now i would much rather go to one of the other two i would have to get my AA before going to. But i really dont think i can last another 18 months in this boring non-social life go to class go home atmosphere im in right now. So my big decision is either go to the local school and be social again right now or wait 18 more months to go to schools i want to go to more but be bored and non-social till i get there. What would you people do in this situation?

.Brittany. April 3rd 2010 06:47 PM

Re: Confused on what to do
Are you able to pick up some extra courses/classes to help make the time go by faster?

Eljoria April 3rd 2010 09:24 PM

Re: Confused on what to do
I had the same exact position but what I can say is try to be brave to go through what you're doing right now and don't give up your dream, keep aiming for the whatever it is your aiming for, as don't let anything get in your way. Just keep aiming, keep doing things at home and in no time you'll be fine.

her_beautiful_mistake April 3rd 2010 11:21 PM

Re: Confused on what to do
I would stick with the college you're at now and wait to go the better schools, it will be worth the sacrifice. I think the suggestion of picking up more classes is a good one if you're bored, it also might help you get the grades faster? And have you looked into extra curriculums at the community college you're at?

Forever Confused April 3rd 2010 11:39 PM

Re: Confused on what to do
Its not that i have too much free time. Im currently on a club soccer team and taking 18 units to pass time. I just like being around people and partying and all that stuff when i do have free time. I miss the dorm life and being "on my own". I feel like if i wait all that time that when i finally get back to a university that i will miss out on all that experience. I know that if i wait though i can accomplish more goals than if i went right away to the local school. Either way i miss out on somethign so i guess its just a question of which one i would rather skip out on :/

her_beautiful_mistake April 4th 2010 12:23 AM

Re: Confused on what to do
Thing long term prospects then. I'm presuming this bigger Universities are better, have a better reputation and so will put you in a better position to start a career or get into graduate school? If so, I'd wait. I would wait either way because it sounds like you want to go to the bigger Universities and the wait will be worth it. :)

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