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Closed Thread
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ThePunkAlien Offline
Senior TeenHelper
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Name: Josh
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: Hollywood USA

Posts: 777
Blog Entries: 23
Join Date: January 5th 2009

Arrow Become a character in a film - December 26th 2009, 08:34 PM

This thread has been labeled as triggering by the original poster or by a Moderator. Please take this into consideration before continuing to read.

I'm a screenwriter, I've luckily gotten inside Warner Brothers and have great connections to the film industry. While growing up all I wanted to do was reach an audience, it provided me an escape and showed me that there were others out there just like me. As a writer, that's what I want to return to the audience. I'm looking for possible characters/experiences people have went through that really stand out.

It's possible that the information will be used in the scene given below or, depending, might be saved for a larger role in another film.


Lucas starts up the website, puts on his bomber jacket and goes live. Kate sits on the bed behind him.

Hello Westchester High. I'm here. I'm listening. We're all listening. Don't have to worry about people finding out. Your voice is disguised just like mine. Tell me what's on your mind. The first call is Swimfan97.

Lucas picks up his CELL PHONE.


Ryan's hands tremble as he reaches out and grabs the portable phone. RING... Ryan immediately answers it.




What seems to be on your mind recently?

I'm not like everyone else.

Ryan glances out the window, he spots his parents' car leaving the driveway.


Can you be more specific?

I'm, I'm into guys.


I can't tell my parents though. They're religious and everything- how could they ever understand?


LIZ (17) sits at her desk talking on her cell phone.

I've slept with about every guy on the football team. I can't help it. They tell me that they love me, how beautiful I am and I- I don't want to say no. They accept me. But, I- I'd just like for a guy to be there for me once. You know?


Frank sits at his desk talking on the cell phone; steroid bottles align the desk.

My parents expect me to be good at sports, but I'm not. So I've been taking steroids before the game, I don't want to fail them. What other choice do I have?


Sarah talks on a portable phone as she looks out the window.

Nothing I do makes my parents proud. I try to be this perfect daughter. Get great grades. Restrain from being the "party girl," but nothing I ever do seems to earn their respect.


JOSH (17) leans against the corner of a deserted basement, making sure that his parent's can't hear him as he talks into a cell phone.

No one likes me, everyone at school thinks I'm a freak. Sometimes I- I feel like getting back at them, you know? Making them feel the same pain they make me feel, but-


ALLISON (16) sits on her bed talking on a cell phone, she has cut marks over her arm. She stares at a KNIFE on her desk.

I've been throwing up recently. Anorexic like throwing up. But I can't help it. I don't want to be fat. The other girls make fun of me enough as it is. I've started to cut myself, is that bad?


Kevin sits on his old rusting sofa talking on the phone.

My parents don't even know I exist. I've been in and out of Juvenille reform centers for as long as I can remember. I'm afraid that I won't be able to stop. They don't even care.
Basically I just want to help capture a voice, the scene above deals with a teenager who's getting calls in from other teens who just want to be heard and want help (very similar to how teenhelp works).


1. How do you see yourself? What are the defining moments of your life?
2. What's your daily life like?
3. What is the hardest experience you've went through? Why?
4. What is the greatest experience you've went through? Why?
5. View on parents.
6. View on peers.
7. View on school system and how school works.
8. Any additional information that you consider interesting or of note.
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Pour the Teapot Offline
Train whistles and cicadas
Senior TeenHelper
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Name: Chloe
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Location: Happy

Posts: 761
Join Date: January 7th 2009

Re: Become a character in a film - December 26th 2009, 11:19 PM

my daily life is like struggling through a great wall of butter. i'm scooping it out but each scoop just makes me slippery with the oil, each scoop just makes the next one harder. my parents are like the oil making me slide back a bit with each amount of progress made, and my friends are like the oil-resistant shovel i was fortunate enough to bring.
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TheBabyEater Offline
With A Sprinkle Of Cinnamon
I've been here a while
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Name: Marissa
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: Iraw

Posts: 1,705
Blog Entries: 1
Join Date: January 6th 2009

Re: Become a character in a film - December 27th 2009, 02:17 AM

1. How do you see yourself? What are the defining moments of your life?
On good days I see myself as a kid who's struggling just to get by, and has somehow made it even though at times it feels like the world is against me. I see a kid who craves distractions through music and having fun and 'fighting the man.' On bad days, I just see nothing in me. Nothing by emptiness... If I prayed at all, I'd pray for the good days.

2. What's your daily life like?
Long and boring usually...

3. What is the hardest experience you've went through? Why?
8th grade was a hard time for me especially. It's probably what started the downward spiral of my life. Middle school is rough on everybody. My friends decided I wasn't cool or trendy like them because I didn't listen to the music they did or dress the same way they did. Our school was big on labels and fitting into a certain group, and I didn't understand it. Instead of wearing skinny jeans and listening to alternative rock like MCR and Green Day, I wear baggy jeans and listen to old classic bands like The Who and Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. (nowadays this is more popular, but this was 3 to 4 years ago) So they convinced most of the school that I wasn't cool enough to talk to, so for the second half of the year I had pretty much zero friends. The hardest part, was that at the same time I had a lot of friends and family die on me. That same year pretty much. Even the littlest ones, like my dog and bird, tend to stack up when they're put up against two uncles, a semi-boyfriend, and a suicidal friend. It was a hard time, but there were always others later down the road... I just gave this example because that year is simply the year when things started to get real bad for me. Falling into addictions, ext.

4. What is the greatest experience you've went through? Why?
One of the best... Well there's two I have to explain. One, would just be being with my boyfriend. He's helped me through a lot, and I've done the same to him. Just laying in his bed all day and night while it's storming outside is a great memory for me.
Another would be one of the times I preformed backstage with my school's show choir. After weeks of practice in the backup band and with the group, we had three major contests each weekend. The last one, I felt I played the best. In the end, our backup band got the award "Best Backup Band" It wasn't the first award I received... But getting that award with the group for whatever reason gave me more of a high than receiving a good award playing classical guitar solo at my old guitar school. Concerts and music and performing give me highs that no other addiction has ever been able to give me...

5. View on parents.
Mine? I'm not a fan of mine. Mostly my dad. My mom got a little crazy there for awhile in 8th grade, it was her uncle that died and her brother that died. So that along with metapause caused her to be very emotional. Now, she's calming down and usually isn't too much of a bitch. It's my dad I have problems with... He has no respect for personal boundaries for me, says very rude and hurtful things to me, has no faith in my ability to play guitar, doesn't like my boyfriend or career choice, and keeps touching me when I don't want it, often in inappropriate places. If I wasn't 17, I'd claim abuse since he is either physical, emotional, or a small amount of sexually abusive. But I've only got one more year to go, so to avoid pissing off my entire family I shall tough it out until then...

6. View on peers.
For the most part, I hate people. I distrust them, and don't like getting close to them. They often backstab and hurt and are just... rude arrogant people. I know it doesn't apply to everyone... But it takes a lot for someone to prove to me they're not before I really open up to them at all...

7. View on school system and how school works.
I'm constantly fighting it. Recently, there were some Christmas decorations put up in my public school. So, I decided to make and hang up some of my own decorations of other religions like Judaism, Muslim, Islam, Buddhism, Wiccan, and a bunch others.... They were quickly taken down, so I made more and an appointment with my assistant principal. She ignored it, and ignored it, until eventually I saw my head principal who said I couldn't do it for a variety of reasons. I quit pushing it because winter break was 3 days away. Next year though, I will, because not putting them up when Christmas decorations are up, is pretty much against the law. Separation between Church and State remember? I simply tried to bring in some diversity... There's more to the story, so I'll refrain from saying it unless asked. lol

8. Any additional information that you consider interesting or of note.
Well, I think I hinted above about when I was in 8th grade falling into some bad habits. Those habits include overdosing on average painkillers like Advil, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen, burning myself slightly, and most of all cutting myself. The cutting grew and grew until it became an addiction that was hard to stop. (my boyfriend helped me quit that) Since then during hard times I've fallen back into a few relapsing, have been known to punch walls and lockers till I leave bruises, drink my mom's opened alcohol, speed too much in my car, race people in my car, 'forget' to eat, and even throwing up. Most of this though I've managed to stop. Thanks to that amazing boyfriend of mine helping me out. =]

I hope this helps. I know I tend to ramble a lot...

Take me seriously.
I dare you.

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Alexx Offline
Average Joe
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Name: Alex
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: England

Posts: 150
Join Date: November 10th 2009

Re: Become a character in a film - December 27th 2009, 07:49 PM

1. How do you see yourself? What are the defining moments of your life?
I feel like I'm split in two. On the one hand, I think I could do anything I can put my mind too. I think I'm a pretty nice person, living with the typical teenage struggles of trying to figure out whats right and whats wrong. On the other hand, I think I'm a complete and utter mess, probably suffering with depression and anxiety issues. I can't do anything right, and I'm completely and utterly socially inept. To anyone looking I'm this girl who constantly has this look of worry on her face and massive eyes looking around scared of whats going to come next (that's what someone told me once xD)

2. What's your daily life like?
Lazy :P Hmm.. a typical college day; A struggle to get out of bed, falling asleep on the bus, dreading the day as it goes along, skiving most lessons, the bus home cheers me up, when I arrive home I'm happy until I have to go to sleep, knowing college will start again tomorrow.

3. What is the hardest experience you've went through? Why?
Mum had cancer last year. That was difficult.
Before she had cancer, I was your typical teenager, I always thought I was right and strived for complete control. When mum had cancer, I grew up.. insanely. I'm a completely different person.
We almost lost her due to liver failure. It was seriously scary. I wanted to be there for her as much as I could, but I found it hard to deal with.. every day, coming home from school, finding her sleeping, all thin and weak. Jesus christ, even thinking about it is bringing up tears :/
I turned to drugs to help myself.. one of the biggest regrets of my life.
The whole thing was just horrid, and difficult. I love her so much.. I didn't realise it until then :/

4. What is the greatest experience you've went through? Why?
I don't think I've had one yet. Not one that's.. amazing.

5. View on parents.
I love them. I don't want to tell them anything personal, and don't feel comfortable doing it, so I don't. However, I understand their concerns and why they do the things they do, and why they worry. I worry about them too, and I worry about how much Dad works, and how he never has a break. I worry about how much my Mum drinks, and how she has been through a terrible ordeal and isn't properly over it. I do worry about them, and feel guilty if I do bad things. But I still wish they'd give me some freedom, and think when I'm rude or tell them how I feel about things, sometimes they need to hear it.

6. View on peers.
I think some people are too judgemental. I don't mean to be judgemental by saying that, either. But I think it's wrong how some automatically rush to conclusions, or judge people automatically - for example, some of my old friends thought depression was crazy. Insanely crazy. And anyone who had it was 'an emo', and a freak. That's just wrong, see?
I also think people are easy to read, and far too selfish sometimes.
I'm too scared to open up to people.

7. View on school system and how school works.
Interesting :P I actually like the school system.. at least, the school systems I've experienced. While it doesn't do good for some individual people, on the whole, it's quite good for most.

8. Any additional information that you consider interesting or of note.
Um.. when I was 13, I got into self-harm quite heavily, cutting and burning and overdosing. At first, I did it for attention, I think. I'm not sure. I just wanted a hug, ya'know?
But then the teachers found out and I had to stop. I did for a while, but then I continued, and this time it wasn't for attention, it was to help ME. And it did for a while. Until it caused more problems. However, no-one found out.
The drug use? That was cannibis, speed, E & coke. I wasn't pressured into doing it. It had a negative effect on me, and I became increasingly paranoid. I stopped doing the drugs, but even after, I was paranoid and thought people were attacking me. Things went downhill from there, and lost my confidence and became quite depressed and suicidal. Now, I'm uncertain of everything, constantly worried about everything possible. I constantly think there is something wrong with me, like I'm messed up and ill and wrong and should be in a mental institute. I don't know if it's true?

I know that people have been through far worse. Abuse, anorexia, bullying, to name a few.
But, mentally? I'm struggling. I don't think some people give enough credit to other people who are unhappy. If it makes you unhappy, then it's bad, no matter what it is. You know? I know some things are worse, of course, but you get my drift, I think (:

Sorry, I've rambled loads xD I hope I've been of some help, though. Feel free to send any messages or ask any questions, I'd love to help :P
I think what you wrote up there is quite good already.

Last edited by Alexx; December 27th 2009 at 07:57 PM.
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