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I can't get enough
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Name: Rachell
Age: 21
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Fan Fiction - January 1st 2014, 11:38 PM

This thread has been labeled as triggering by the original poster or by a Moderator. Please take this into consideration before continuing to read.

Hey guys so this is my fan fiction about the people in my music department at school..... I know it's not the best this is my first time writing something like this. I'm so used to poems and songs. But I hope you enjoy it.. this is really only introducing characters. But please comment on my writing and any advice would be nice. I know there are probably a lot of spelling/grammar errors I've noticed while rereading this so sorry about that. I'm giving the prefix of "triggering" because my story deals with practically everything that triggers in the choices above and there are swear words in here so again my apologies.
Chapter 1: Raelyn Harmony
Here I am. I’m in the torching hot hallways of the school as it starts to empty once the niners get their schedules. The percussion members are still here due to their sectional right before practice. I wait with Raelyn Cadence since I don’t have time to travel home and back to the school in under an hour.
Raelyn and I have grown closer together over the past year. Sure it gets confusing when somebody calls our name when we’re right next to each other, but I don’t let it bother me. I actually become quite amused by everybody’s confusion. Besides, I’m not changing my name just because somebody else on this planet has the same name that I do. I can tell the difference between us. Others should too.
I walk into the band room with Raelyn a few feet ahead. The room is practically empty and close to being completely silent. A few people sit in the back corner hovered around the marching drums.
“Some kind of sectional this is,” I say sarcastically.
“Yeah we really don’t do much,” Raelyn replied.
We giggle and head towards the mallet instruments. I set my flute and music down gently. In the distance a sweet and catchy sound made its way by the school. The ice cream truck was near.
Once I finally decided that I wanted ice cream the vehicle was already heading off. Jason Sacchetti, being the nut case that he is, calls after the truck. He screams on the top of his lunges until the truck comes to a stop.
Raelyn and I take off running. It took about two blocks of slamming our feet to the ground, but we made it. I, being a poor child, only had enough money to buy two one dollar cones. It was worth it. I had been at the school for about four hours because of stupid freshman orientation. My stomach was grumbling. Even though I was used to it, I still needed food.
We enjoyed our snack outside of the band room. Of course I was the only one to make a mess of the ice cream. It’s not like it was really a bad thing though. It made us both laugh because I’m such a child. We both had a smile upon our faces for once that day.
I take my belongings and carry them back to my section. My flute case is plopped down on the seat to the left of me. I put the pieces of cool metal together and get my music out and ready in about two minutes. Then I head to the back of the room to talk to Raelyn again.
The room starts to fill as more and more people show up for practice. Yet not enough people are here to go through our show songs. Most of the freshman left after orientation and never came back. This was going to be a long practice.
I inched closer to Raelyn. She was expecting me to approach to her. Everybody keeps shifting around the room getting out their instruments. Raelyn and I share a few jokes and laugh as we wait for practice to start.
We stand behind the mallet instruments watching the rest of the band. A tall skinny kid with darkish hair walks by. He heads towards our way. If I’m right, I think his name is Charlie Nadeau. I know his sister, not so much him. He squeezes in behind us to get through.
“Excuse me Raelyn. Excuse me Raelyn’s friend,” He acknowledges Raelyn and then me.
Raelyn and Kapri Kelvins start cracking up and cover their mouths with their hands. “Raelyn’s friend lol,” they snicker. Oh wow an upper classmen doesn’t know my name; big whoop. I’m not even sure if I know his. I’m just guessing. All I know is that he’s a senior.
Chapter 2: Kiana Lakehurst
“What’s up my bitches?” I shout as I enter the instrument storage room. There are a bunch of freshmen in here. Oh god, why can’t they just leave?
Eli Kenzington enters the room. Oh no! He’s going to ask the question to the new niners! They’re not ready for this!
He walks over to the ginger child. His finger rises as he points in her direction… “You, I haven’t seen you in this room before…. Do you prefer soft titties or hard titties?”
This is one poor child. Well she’s not in low brass, so I don’t know why she’s in here. She’s probably hanging around Seth DeMarco. He’s a cool kid.
The ginger freshman sits there kind of puzzled. “I don’t know,” she responds with her voice kind of shaky.
Oh no! Eli don’t go there. Just leave her alone! Of course he can’t hear my thoughts. So I can’t stop him.
He continues with, “Well I prefer soft titties because when I come home from a long hard day I want soft comfort, not hard.”
Ha-ha Eli pretending he likes soft titties. Wow, this freshman is probably scarred for life now. The sad part is this isn’t the last of it.
For now I’m going to call her ginger freshman because I have no clue what her name is. She doesn’t know how to reply to Eli. I can understand why.
After a few moments pass by he doesn’t leave her alone, “Come on you have to answer the question. Once you enter the instrument storage room, you have to answer it.”
“It’s true you have to,” Easton Bach cuts in.
I feel like I’m watching a freshman being murdered. Yet I still stay. After all I actually have a reason to be in this room.
Ginger freshman actually opens her mouth to speak, “Soft I guess?”
Damn, she questions herself. That answer is not going to be good enough for him. He’s not done with her. I can tell.
“You know you don’t have to say that just because I did,” Eli pressures her.
Ugh Eli no. Just shut up. I’m done. I’m just done.
“Well I don’t know,” ginger freshman exclaims.
She seems quite frustrated with him. I’m now starting to find this quite amusing. Her little freshman friends stare blankly at her. They’re probably ready to laugh at her. This was too early to happen to a freshman. I should probably say something.
I walk up to her and speak quickly, “Don’t worry that’s not the worst of the instrument storage room. You might wanna look out for low brass.”
I probably just made things worse. Oh well, she’s in the high school band now. She can suck it up. I guess it’s better to be experienced to this kind of crap now instead of later.
Practice today sucked. Low brass seriously needs to start showing up. I mean it’s only once a week for one hour. I don’t think it’s that bad to handle.
Eli and Charlie walk by. I need to talk to them. Well mainly Eli, but I always talk to them. They’re my best friends. We’re like our own little group. I run over to them by the band room doors.
“I can’t believe you did that!” I scream at Eli.
Charlie buts it, “What did you do now?”
“Yeah, what exactly did I do?” Eli acts like nothing happened.
“You asked the little ginger freshman about titties!” I exclaim quite frustrated.
“Oh you asked Raelyn’s friend that?” Charlie motions his question to Eli.
“Are you talking about Raelyn Cadence? Yes I did, she was in the instrument storage room, she’s new, and everybody has to be asked that question in there,” Eli explains himself poorly.
“Whoa that’s Raelyn Cadence’s friend? Oh shit. Damn Eli you’re such a dumbass. If they’re like really close then you’re screwed.” I say.
“Why would he be screwed?” Charlie asks another stupid question.
“Because her mom works for the music department!” I screech.
“I’m not going to be screwed. Her mother knows me enough from her brother Justin,” Eli brushes it off.
Chapter 3: Easton Bach
It’s only the first day of school and so many people are in the counseling office to get their schedule changed. I have serious business to get done here. People need to move out of my way. I only need one class switched. That’s it. I shouldn’t have to wait this long.
I sign my name up to speak to my counselor and leave the room that smells quite disgusting. What’s up with mental health rooms smelling like perfume? I decide to head down towards the instrument storage room.
Kiana, Charlie, and Eli are already in the room. I walk in and head to my cage to straighten things up.
“What are you doing in here Easton?” Kiana asks.
“I’m allowed to be in here,” I say back with some attitude.
God she makes me mad. She’s just jealous that I joined their little playing card group even though I’m a freshman.
“Well hurry it up in here and go. We’re talking about important stuff here freshie,” Kiana goes at it.
“Just leave the freshman alone Kiana. It’s his first day. Give him a break, “Charlie says butting into yet another conversation.
“You were a freshman too last year,” I answer hoping to end the conversation.
She just rolls her eyes. I collect my things and walk out and into the band room. I take a seat next to Seth, another member from low brass. He seems chill and appears to get along well with the upper classmen.
The class is about to start. There are only about nineteen people in here. A lot of band geeks probably dropped from the terrible teacher at middle school I’m guessing. Then I spot her. Raelyn Cadence is here.
Her long brown hair is placed behind her shoulders. Her feet touch the ground ever so slightly when she walks towards the mallets. I don’t get it. I can’t stop staring at her. My heart pounds faster as I fear she’ll catch me continuing to glance at her. She probably thinks I have this huge crush on her or something. I don’t.
I’m close to passing her in the rank of our class. Let’s face it. She’s better than me at most things. I need to find out her secret. I need to find out how she does it. Life isn’t that easy, but to her it seems almost like child’s play.
During the hour I’m called back down to the counseling office. It didn’t even take a minute of my life to get my schedule changed. Now, Raelyn Cadence and I have all of our classes together. Now, I can win her little game that she plays. I’ll learn everything I need to know by observing her closely.
The bell chimes notifying us that it’s the end of class. I take off down the hall and make a sharp right turn. I’m doing a terrible job of not making it obvious that I’m hurrying or the fact that I have something to hide. Like I care; kids rush in-between classes all of the time. I stop abruptly as I’m face to face with Mr. Darren. My hands hold an all new plan. A plan that will get what Mr. Darren and I both want. We want him gone.
Chapter 4: Raelyn Harmony
Yet another day I find myself stuck in the counseling office giving away all of my personal information like its loose change. Lies slip past my lips the majority of time. I don’t want to be here. I don’t need to be here. I shouldn’t be forced to talk about anything that I don’t want to. None of this is helping.
The counselor sings a yellow slip of paper and hands the pass to me. Once my fingertips touch the slip, she starts to speak again. God she won’t shut up!
“In request of the middle counselors, we are keeping a close eye on you,” the counselor says.
Oh that’s just grand. I’m on suicide watch. Wow, first day of school and I’m already not trusted with myself. Okay.
I walk into my fifth hour about ten minutes late. Even though it’s a drawing class, almost all of the band members are in here. I look around for an empty seat. The only one available is next to Eli Kenzington. I’m not ready to face him after that question he asked me at practice last week. In front of him sit Charlie Nadeau and Kiana Lakehurst. I honestly don’t understand why two seniors hang out with a sophomore. High school is going to be one big learning experience. I can already tell its going to be something I don’t want to learn.
I notice that Raelyn already has a partner to sit with. Why would she want to sit next to Easton Bach? He’s really bitchy towards a lot of people and acts like he has control over most people. Oh well. Mrs. Jackoswki tells me to take the seat next to Eli. I half hear her as I was zoned out, glancing the room to see who was all in here. I take slow and quiet steps as I arrive to my seat.
“Why do you have so many bracelets on?” Eli’s words jump right out of his mouth.
“Because I’m gay!” I reply in a snotty voice.
I couldn’t have him know what I do to my wrists. I barely know the guy. For all I know he could turn me into the counselors and I’d be sent to another mental hospital. I don’t need that. This is bad. The drum major tries to start a conversation with me and I push him away.
“Hey freshman, I’m Kiana. I’ve seen you in the instrument storage room before,” Kiana turns around to face me.
“Oh yeah, you’re Raelyn Cadence’s friend, right?” Charlie asks. I’m quite annoyed with him by now.
“We’re friends of her older brother,” Eli chimes in.
“I know that. My brother is close with hers. And Charlie for your information, my name is Raelyn too,” I respond.
“Holy shit! You’re both best friends, play mallets, and you both have the same name?!?” Eli flips a nut.
“We both have an older brother named Justin as well,” I say quite amused with the situation.
“What the hell? How did that even happen?” Kiana remarks in a surprising tone.
Yes it just so happens that I have similarities with another person. I thought that happened to almost every human being. I guess not. This day needs to be over with. I can’t handle much more. I trust no one, but I need somebody to talk to.
Chapter 5: Charlie Nadeau
This is it. I’m now a senior about ready to head out the doors after this year. There’s only one slight problem. Well to me it’s a major problem. I’ve carried it on my shoulders for the past three years. As each day goes by, I gain more and more pressure from it.
His love was never mine to hold and it never will be. His perfect skin glows like the moonlight. My fingers become so tense and I lose my thoughts whenever he walks by. I can’t make him love me. It’s not even like the normal situation where he’s straight and I’m gay. It’s because I’m not dead. But I still love him no matter what his sexuality is. I just hate myself for being in love with my best friend.
Eli is beyond perfect and far from deficiency. His dark hair shapes well around his eyes. Oh how it flows ever so gently in the back. His perfect lips are just so plump. He has the strongest arms to hold and keep me safe from any danger.
That’s all I can do is describe him and I can’t even come close to using the correct words. He never leaves my mind. It’s like he’s engraved there forever. He’s a magnificent bastard. I love him.
Kiana comes trotting over. Oh the word, “trot” it sounds like something Raelyn C. would say. She’s always into her horses. She’s a great kid. Wow, for once my mind left Eli. Thanks Raelyn and Kiana. I really do owe you guys.
“Dude. Charlie, you’ve got that dazed look in your eyes again. You alright? Is Eli around?” Kiana asks with a gentle whisper.
“Yea I’m fine,” I just brush it off.
“You need to tell him how you feel. I mean he may not love you back, but he can still try and comfort you and not come off as an asshole if you were to make a stupid,” Kiana exclaims trying to comfort me.
“What is this about making a stupid?” Eli asks as he walks out of my equipment room.
“Eli you’re a nosey little bastard,” Kiana jokes trying to switch the conversation.
“Your point?” Eli responds not giving a shit.
“Ugh go somewhere,” Kiana rolls her eyes and walks away.

~I was always scared of everything, even the carousel.~

~Don't worry about me. I'm sort of feeling fine, but by tomorrow, I'll be back on my feet again.~

-Goodnight Tonight
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Re: Fan Fiction - January 2nd 2014, 09:49 AM

I actually find this to be pretty good! I bet if you keep writing them you'll feel like a pro.

Let it come and let it be...

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I can't get enough
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Name: Rachell
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Re: Fan Fiction - January 2nd 2014, 06:53 PM

AW why thank you... I'm not so much into fan fiction as my friends are. But the relationships I have with the kids in my music department (or kids that used to be there some in my story are now graduated) are just so strong and honestly just weird. So this is my first attempt and the story has so much packed into it. I' really excited about it.

~I was always scared of everything, even the carousel.~

~Don't worry about me. I'm sort of feeling fine, but by tomorrow, I'll be back on my feet again.~

-Goodnight Tonight
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Re: Fan Fiction - January 8th 2014, 06:41 AM

Fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, film, etc.
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Re: Fan Fiction - January 9th 2014, 12:41 AM

This is amazing

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I can't get enough
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Name: Rachell
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: With God on the corner of First and Amistad

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Re: Fan Fiction - January 10th 2014, 07:50 PM

thank you

~I was always scared of everything, even the carousel.~

~Don't worry about me. I'm sort of feeling fine, but by tomorrow, I'll be back on my feet again.~

-Goodnight Tonight
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