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Unhappy Forced break-up? - June 7th 2013, 06:47 AM

Hi, Teenhelp. I just made an account so I could post this and get a little advice.

So my girlfriend and I are both 13 (and don't bother replying with "you're too young to date", it won't help anyone), I'm Indian and she's Polish (both born in the U.S) , and after 4 months and a week of dating, my parents are forcing us to break up. Now, I had broke it to them earlier almost a week after we first got together about our relationship, and they said that she "was going to manipulate me" and that she'd "pull me into sex", and said that we could "just stay friends". I know it wasn't right, but I lied to them telling them we broke up and everything, and they believed it for a while. Well, early after I lied, they found some explicit conversations between us on Steam (a chat program and game launcher for those who don't know). However, we both promised to never have sex until we're married, and we both definitely don't want kids. (take a wild guess :P) Earlier today they found a message I had sent her (I'm currently in India, so we can only chat for short periods at a time) about how my parents are getting suspicious, so I had to go, along with the words "Love you~". I was planning on revealing the whole situation after we came back, and now they want to cut us both off from any communication and have us break up. (They took my phone and I'm using my dad's laptop with permission to type this, I left my laptop at home). I haven't told my girlfriend about this yet (it's like 2:37AM in the US currently). We both love each other very much, and I honestly don't know what to do. Should I do what I did before, or break up? I really don't want to spoil the rest of her break, as she was even planning on covering some of my favorite songs for when I come back.

Also, we're both going to different high schools, but I was planning on being able to visit her during those years.
This is a really painful position I'm in right now, and I really want to know what to do...please help!