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Why?!? - May 14th 2014, 07:58 PM

I'm really upset right now. My old case manager, some of you may already know about this from my other threads, hasn't been ignoring me too much lately, but she's still being distant with me.

My mental stability is starting to deteriorate because of this. I'm getting more and more violent mood swings and badly want to self harm.

I don't know if she's doing this because she thinks she's helping me by trying to break contact with me.

I sent her a text message asking her what I was to her now that she is no longer my case manager as she's still there supposedly for advice. I also asked her whether she would still be there for me after I'm healthy enough to leave the mental health system.

She still hasn't responded even though I know that she read my text since we both have iPhones. Being she is so busy though, I told her to reply when she had the time. You'd think she would have the time by now!

Should I tell her how much she is hurting me or should I just keep on going like this?