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A guy in need of girl help? - June 4th 2014, 01:07 AM

So a i friend of mine came over the other day and I've liked her for a very long time (upwards of a year) However whenever i would be flirty/jokingly sexual to her she would just say things like "gross" or "eew" playfully.

So like i said she came over and we just started watching netflix in my room and my parents left soon after
And i got really tired and when i get really tired i dont think about what i do, i just do it. So i laid on her thighs (she was lying on her stomach) and started to touch her just playing around. And she started to breathe heavily and her heart started beating fast. So i just started touch her and i was fumbling around up her shirt just playing, telling her if she wants me to stop then to tell me, not thinking i was going to get far And she let me unhook her bra and she rolled over and let me play with her breasts / nipples, but she wouldnt let me lift her shirt all the way so i moved my hand down on her underwear and moved it to the side and started to rub a bit
and she didnt really say anything, or tell me to stop and i asked if she wanted me to stop but she just said nothing And then later just acted like nothing happened.

So basically im wondering: Why did she do this? Should i confront her about the whole experience? Why wouldnt she let me remove her shirt, but she let me fondle her breasts?

P.S. We're not in a relationship, with anyone or eachother.
Thanks for the help in advance

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