Thread: Triggering (Abuse): Sexual sadism? I'm really scared
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Re: Sexual sadism? I'm really scared - July 31st 2014, 02:34 PM

I think it should be fairly obvious here that your fantasies, if done in the real world, are wrong. No female, or even male, should be raped or abused. That being said, if you and a partner are both consenting, whatever you do in the bedroom is your business.

It's normal to have some 'strange' fantasies that arouse you but as long as any harmful ones stay as fantasies (unless consented) then you're not doing anything wrong. When you're with your next partner, just be honest about your sexual fantasies. That way you'll know if they would be open to role-playing the things that you like. But like I said, they just need to consent.

You can masturbate to whatever you want (within reason, of course), and if it's a bit raunchier than most then just keep it to yourself. Masturbation is a fairly personal thing so it's okay to keep it to yourself. When you're back from your vacation, speak to your therapist and see what she would advise too, it's good to have options.