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I made a pouch - January 7th 2015, 02:03 AM

About a week ago, I found some scrap crochet thing that I made once (about 3 years ago) that I was planning to make into a lap blanket and give it to a nursing home but the person who was supposed to collect them didn't follow through and I kinda stopped the project midway. But then a project dawned over me and I turned my half lap blanket "thing" into a pouch by folding it in half and sewing all around.
I added pins, which is my whole collection all on the front. I had some studs that I added and I sewed in a button and made a flap over it. I added a pocket in the back using the pocket from a jeans pants that I can't wear anyway And I added a strap from this duffle bag that is tiny and won't even use anyway. And I added keychains a compass and this furry pink thing that feels nice to touch.
I would have attached more pictures but they have me in them and I'm embarrassed to show myself pp

p.s: I'll let you in on a secret...the studs are really earring studs
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