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Re: Cheering charms, please? - January 27th 2015, 01:17 PM

I am so sorry that you're going through this, Kav. I can't imagine how difficult it must be. Take strength from the fact you have your family around you. You are all grieving, but you all understand each other's pain, you will all be able to support each other through this awful time.
I understand how utterly devastating it is to lose someone you love and thought would never leave, I also know how much harder it is when a death comes out of nowhere. If you ever need to talk or just want to take your mind off things, please PM me anytime.

Take the time you need to heal from this, it's important to focus on that instead of bottling it up. TeenHelp will be here whenever you're ready to come back.

Take good care of yourself, and good luck with your surgery. <3

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