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Re: Cheering charms, please? - January 28th 2015, 05:18 AM

hang in there okay. I can't even comprehend how this must feel for you and I'm so sorry you have to deal with all the pain. I wish you the best and that may in this time you require the strength you need. I also hope your surgery goes well and have quick and healthy recovery. I will miss seeing you around. Remember we are always here for you. You can always find me on Skype smd shoot me a message. keep your head up and stay strong <3

Life is too

Short to spend

It at war with


Iím catching stars in the sky because I am fixing the soul within me. May it be from the heart a girl broke years ago or my soul simply repairing itself as it was shattered on my walk on this earth. May the stardust fill those cracks within my soul making me brand new, but never forgetting who I once was.