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Re: I girl-friend of mine is falling for me and I'm gay! - June 11th 2015, 12:38 AM

If I were in your position and I'd felt like someone was developing feelings for me and if in the event relationships came up, or I decided to start up a conversation on it, I'd do my best to make it known that besides not being a relationship person, I'd also say to them that I'm not interested in being with anyone relationship or casual for personal reasons. Understandably this may not prevent someone from continuing to pursue, but they've been warned and it's up to them to soak in the information I've given them.

If you are considering telling her about your sexuality, to ensure she's 100% someone you feel ok with telling you could consider bringing up a conversation on sexuality asking what she thinks of it and such. Depending on her responses, you'll be able decide on whether or not you're still considering telling her. However, as RayRay has said, you don't have to tell her until you feel you're ready to.

All in all, if you haven't already, try to set up some boundaries so she knows where she stands with you and go from there.

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