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Re: Mom is losing her mind. - November 30th 2015, 11:56 PM

Thank you everyone for your responses. My mom doesn't work because she's on disability for depression. According to my dad, she would always call off work, but when she went in she would lash out at her boss and coworkers. She would get mad at them when they'd give her work to do for the day. She has serious depression and anger issues.

Whenever I say no to her, she screams at me until I give it to her. There is no rational way to deal with her :\ She will scream and yell and slam things around until she gets her way.

I just wish I made more money like a career. I want to go on my trip, but I'd much rather move out. I could move out right now if I wanted but sadly I don't have the monthly income to afford an apartment in my area. Most apartments are over $800 and I make a little less than that. I can't move away until I had a job elsewhere, but I've been looking in to that.

Sigh.... thanks for all your responses, I really appreciate it <3