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Re: Was it sexual assault?... [M] - December 8th 2016, 12:20 PM

I'm sorry to hear about what happened when you were younger. Sexual assault is any sexual contact (or non-contact) that you didn't consent to, felt uncomfortable with and pressured into. In your case, you couldn't consent because not only were you underage but you didn't know what it meant anyway, so yes, it would be sexual assault.

It's definitely not 'kids being dumb'. It's not experimenting either as children are naturally curious and may touch themselves or play games that might involve touching e.g. doctor. But this usually only takes place with children of similar ages (e.g. a year or two apart) and does not involve knowledge of specific sexual acts. However, your half brother, though underage, was significantly older than you. I'm guessing this would be classed as child-on-child sexual abuse. You are not stupid at all. You were only 6 or 7, that's very young and it's natural that you wouldn't have been aware that what was going on was actually abusive.

You have a lot of courage to reach out on a forum and talk about this for the first time. I know it's not easy to talk about, and you may worry about all sorts of things. I want you to understand though that there is no need to be ashamed- you didn't do anything wrong here. If anything, your half brother should be ashamed. I'm wondering if you would consider talking to a counsellor about what happened? It can help to talk about what you went through and sort through the complicated feelings you must have.

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