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I serously need a release...(Help asap) (PG-13 stronge language) - February 24th 2017, 01:01 AM

This thread has been labeled as triggering, particularly on the subject of self harm, by the original poster or by a Moderator. The contents of this thread might therefore not be suitable for certain sensitive users. Please take this into consideration before continuing to read.

I need to feel the release of cutting or carving into my skin. Picking make scabs just doesn't work for what I am feeling. I am so fucking overwhelmed I spent 8 hours at college today and I had no classes. You would think in that time I would get everything done right? Well wrong I got my note cards done and essay, but I still need to read my personal development book and do the quiz which is die Sunday but if I don't do it today it will not get done. I have over half of a an art project still to do oh and that is due at 8:30 am tomorrow. I am so fucking annoyed at everything, I just am so overwhelmed. I was dissociating while driving, I am still a little off and crap. I can't take a nap because I will sleep the rest of the day. I just really want to hear my sisters(i chose)voice and have her tell me everything is okay. I don't have my favorite choice of item to use, but I have my second choice I always have that, and I have it at college too, because it is a writing tool. Anyways I just want to carve FAILURE into my skin, I also want to carve FETT into my skin, it means fat in German. UGH I don't know what to do. I am going to try calling my sister but she prob wont answer. UGHHH. I just needed to get this out and maybe some advice...Please don't suggest the alternative thread.

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