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Re: Inner conflict - March 29th 2017, 10:54 PM

Hey there, I'm sorry you're dealing with all of this alone. After going without for most of your childhood, this must be really overwhelming. I was similar in that I waited until I was 18+ to do a lot of health-related things for myself because when I mentioned things to my mom, she would blow them off, even if they were a consistent long-term problem. I'm glad you're taking control of this now.

I've had an ultrasound on my heart, for a thyroid one, you won't have to remove your clothes. I had to take off my shirt and bra which freaked me out, and my dad took me instead of mom, so it was even weirder. I've also been to a gastroenterologist, just for a consult because I wasn't comfortable taking the medication he recommended. At most, you may need to lift your shirt enough so he/she can examine your abdomen, to make sure everything feels normal, and explain all of your symptoms. Even with a family history of colon cancer, I doubt they'll do a colonoscopy since you're so young. I wouldn't worry about that unless they specifically recommend that you have one done.

It's actually a really good idea to have any and all concerns checked out and to have baseline blood and urine tests done around this age, that way they'll know if anything changes over time. If you have a family history of certain things, it's especially important to zero in on those areas. Personally, I don't think this is overkill given your lack of medical care growing up and the things you're having checked are good to have done at this age, especially with a history.

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