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Re: As We Get Closer To The Mountain Top - April 22nd 2017, 01:30 AM

Originally Posted by CanadaCraig View Post
IF you are NOT having an especially bad time - after doing so well [Climbing YOUR 'mountain'] I would have to wonder how successful you've really been.
Although in general I appreciate the sentiment of your post, I have to question this part. Sometimes things aren't as difficult as we anticipate them to be - maybe we have luck on our side, maybe we have more of an aptitude for certain things than we thought, maybe we just overestimated how challenging the goal was to begin with - and second-guessing yourself because it feels ''too easy'' is going to be counter-productive. So, yes, sometimes success can feel a lot like heartbreak, but in some situations it's possible to have success come easily - and you shouldn't let anyone, not even yourself, make you feel like you don't deserve your success just because you didn't have to struggle endlessly to reach it.

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