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Re: Help with conversation - May 2nd 2017, 08:09 AM

Hey there,

It sounds like you're wanting to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and work on improving your people skills. That's a fantastic goal and you should be proud of yourself for wanting to do so.

If you're just looking for general questions, I'd recommend asking people about things like their classes or hobbies. If it's someone you share a class with, you could ask them what they think about what you're learning; if you don't share a class with them, you can just ask how school is going. Showing an interest in the things that other people like to do is also a great way to get people talking and start building a conversation with them. If you're trying to start a conversation with someone that you don't know well, you could consider asking them if they did anything fun over the weekend and/or if they have any fun plans coming up.

The most important thing to maintaining the flow of a conversation is making the other person feel like you genuinely care about what they are saying. Listen carefully and ask questions or make comments based on what they say. Look for opportunities to share your own thoughts and feelings about things so the conversation doesn't become one-sided. It might seem intimidating at first, but the more you practice having day to day conversations, the easier it will become to figure out how to strike them up and keep them going.

If you want some more tips or if you'd like to practice a little bit, feel free to shoot me a PM!

Take care,

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