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Re: Progesterone? - April 8th 2018, 03:03 AM

Originally Posted by ~Abibliophobe~ View Post
I'd mention it. It could have to do with the type of pill she chose because maybe last time she tried something different. The other thing to consider is that even if you retry a pill you might end up having different side effects.

I tried effexor a few years back and got pretty anxious while I adjusted. The anxiety went away and then I ended up switching. I tried it again last year or the year before and I didn't experience the anxiety but I had no appetite. That was never an issue before.

It's always important to check in when you experience something you aren't used to though. At least to make the doctor aware and see if they have any insight or something like that.
Thanks for replying! I'm also have some terrible itching. The doctor said I had a yeast infection but she gave me a pill for that too, but once again I've taken that pill before and I only take that pill once, so it cannot be that because I only took it on Tuesday. I'm still having cramping too which it was supposed to stop or at least ease. I am wondering if I should call their after hours line or wait until Monday. I don't know if the itching could also be an allergic reaction to the progesterone.

EDIT: I just now compared bottles and the one from December was 5mg less than the ones they recently put me on, so it's a high possibility it's the progesterone. The first time it was prescribed to me it was only 5mg, this time it's 10mg.

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