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Re: Making New Friends - September 29th 2018, 08:24 PM

Sarah gave a good tip about joining a club your school has, if it does indeed have one. Another idea is to maybe form a study group say, for example, every Monday and Thursday afternoon. That way, in addition to helping one another out over homework assignments and projects, you are getting to know some of your classmates a little bit better.

Another idea is joining a team at your school, such as basketball or soccer. Or, to divulge deeper into Sarah's idea, form a club. It seems like you are into fandoms, so maybe join a club (or create a social media page) for something you and your classmates like. It can be a TV show, a band, an athlete, whatever. A lot of people find bonding over fandoms to be a bit superficial, and difficult to do with people they know in real life; but it's an idea!

Good luck.