Thread: Triggering (SH): The urge won last night.
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Re: The urge won last night. - August 19th 2009, 01:26 AM

Hey Liz,

It sounds like you are going through a lot right now. But as everyone else has said 25 days is amazing! That is nearly a month, which is a long time to go without self harm so I think you did fantastic to go that long. I know you have slipped up now but Liz you have only slipped up. Slip ups happen all the time and they are part of recovery. You went a whole 25 days without it, which suggests to me that you can do it!

You are not stupid and I am sorry your parents said that. You are just going through a hard time. When you are depressed it is hard to just pick yourself up and it seems like they don't understand how it feels like for you.

You don't have to cut again Liz. It doesn't help really does it. It might help in the short term but now you are left feeling like you can't cope with life and can only cope with it by self harming. You are stronger than that. Use that strength inside of you that got you through those 25 days to fight the urges. I am here if you need anything at all.

Stay strong