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Re: Doing Games - January 19th 2009, 09:02 AM

Originally Posted by Boo Ghost View Post
I'm not going to SH again I just need an excuse so I can get out of games until it's healed.
Cara, you say you aren't going to SH again but how do we know that? You can have good intentions and not plan on cutting again, but stuff happens. If we give you an excuse, we will be enabling you. We will be allowing you to get away with cutting, to get out of games. If games is school related, then we definitely can't give you an excuse to get out of that because it is against the rules. Giving you an excuse sounds like something that you need, but it isn't. It isn't something that we can give you here. TeenHelp is not about enabling someone to cut, it's not about providing excuses, it is about providing help.