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Personal statement help? PLEASE:) - October 4th 2009, 06:29 PM

Well, i'm having some trouble with writing my personal statement, and wondering if anyone could help me, i've tried google and thats not helping haha.
I'm taking Psychology, History and photography at A2 atm, and need to have my personal statement in in a few days (dont shout at me for leaving it this long ><) and i want to take psychology at uni, in the hope of becoming a child therapist.

but, on everything it says, say the reason behind this course, and i dont want to put like, because i had a long spell, and still suffering with mental illness' and want to help others, especaily because my parents/teachers dont know.
also should i write about my current job ( i work ina shoe shop and have a lot of one on one consultation things with customers) saying that i have good people skills or is this completely unrealted?



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