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Re: My "Best Friend" (please respond) - December 23rd 2009, 10:37 PM

Originally Posted by fullofsecrets View Post
I am going to be brutally honest with my opinion, so please don't get offended. She is an unappreciative jerk. If someone tells you straight to your face that they don't care about something you are happy about and does not even say thank you for a present, then that's not a reflection on your friendship, that's a reflection on her negative character. And for her to have the nerve to ask you to do her homework after that is totally shameless. She is taking advantage of your kindness, which is a rotten, miserable thing to do. I highly advise you to break this "friendship" (if she even considers it one) off. I'm sorry that you have to go through that, I really am, but hey, there are plenty of actual friends out there. =)
Totally agree. You DON'T need a "friend" like that. There are plenty of other people who are appreciative and this girl is not. Unfortunately, people like her never change, so even if you tell her how you feel, she's probably dismiss it. I'd suggest staying away from her and finding or hanging out with other people. You don't need to have a negative aura around yourself. Everyone deserves to be happy around loved ones.