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Re: What keeps you going? - January 18th 2010, 08:41 AM


i understand you have went through a lot. But the fact is that whatever bad thing that led to you feeling depressed, is surmountable and changable. So much so you'll definitely start feeling happy again i know that so far it's like sometimes nothing's gonna happen to change it... but you've gotta go out , talk to people and meet people who care and will make everything better.. these people are people who you can share happy memories, and smiles together with. you surely can and will definitely meet those people

and that will make all the difference... what seemed to be nothing, will soon be full of happiness smiles and stuff. That's the end depression and the start of something new.

I think that's the best way in order to overcome and change how you feel: change your situation itself. Once everything is better, you will see that this world is beautiful indeed.

don't hesitate to tell us anything or anything , we are always happy to help !

Those who have went through more pain than everyone else, and want to protect anyone and everyone they know and care for from that pain, are stronger than everyone.

we come, we help, we stick and never leave. pm me anytimeee!

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