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new assesor agian and college stuff - January 29th 2010, 04:18 PM

i am getting so annoyed with my college i am now on my fourth assesor, at college they keep changing them round, my parents now want to speak with the manager of the college to find out what is going on and why they keep changing my assesor as it is really not helping me get my college work done. and the college manager on thursday said to me oh we have had a change around of assesors at college agian you have new assesor is that ok ? i was like yeah. i didnt have much choice did i ? they just told me and i felt like i had to say yeah, and then my new assesor comes to meet me n goes so what work have you done, apart from the face that they are my assesor surely they should have looked threw my work to see what work i have done and where im up to ? but they had'nt so i then had to sit there and explian to them what work i had done in the past 6 months which i no is not alot, but they keep changing my assesor every two months. i dont even trust this new one, i dont like them, i cant even talk to them like i could with my old assesor, i was just starting to tell my old assesor things about my dad andd stuff and now i have a new assesor who i have to learn to trust - i cant trust them. and my college has lost the work book i did so i now have to that work book agian which is gona make me even more behind, my new assesors knows nothing about me, and i dont want this new assesor i want my old assesor back i got on with them trusted them and everything and now i have a different assesor. im so fed up my assesor being changed every two months, i hate it and i just want my old assesor back the one i like the one i trust, but i cant because i have a new assesor. and this assesor will probably leave me or something like that wouldnt surprise if they do, they might aswell everyone else seems to, they dont think of me they jjust change it alll around give me a new assesor without asking me, i hate it for once why cant they fucking ask me before they change me assessor is it ok if we change your assessor and i would get the chance to explain things and stuff but no they tell me we have changed your assesor is that ok, they ask me in a way where i have to say yes. it pisses me off and then they moan at me that i am behind, well maybe i would not be so behind with my work if you didnt keep changing my assesor all the frigging time