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Re: The difference? - February 4th 2010, 04:14 AM

Originally Posted by Pothole View Post
Depression is typically diagnosed as either dysthymic or major depressive and each of these depends on how long both the depression and 2-4 other symptoms are around.

Moodiness is more being irritable and quick to anger and overall frustrated with everything in general. It comes and goes, but you still have good days/are interested in activities you like. Depression on the other hand usually winds up with a person losing interest in activities they use to like, sleeping a lot/not sleeping enough, eating a lot/not eating at all, etc. Ultimately only your doctor can properly diagnose or confirm any of this.
thank you for the reply
I have lost interest in a lot of the usual activities i use to love, i hardly sleep at all, i have major eating problems, as well iknow only my doctor can properly diagnose me but i do not think my mom believes me so she wont take me to see one.Ive tried tel her but she cuts me off and says just being an ansty teen which agitated me incredibly, im not really sure what i should say to her so that she will believe me

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