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Why wont anybody help!? - February 16th 2010, 10:02 PM

I haven't gone through one day with out a break down in the past week. And it doesn't have to be anything big for me to freak over either. I have asked my mom to call and get me help, My doctor was supposed to get me help about two months ago never called or anything, because he gave up diagonsing me because we have tried so many medications in the past six years and nothing has worked. I go from floating on air, to screaming, doing math homework, to balling my eyes out. I can be having a perfectly fine conversation and then start crying. I haven't had the more intense urge to SI or Overdose in my life then I have the past two days. My teachers see me crying in class they say nothing. Is it pointless for me to want help? I got it when I wasn't willing but now I want to get better and they all turn there backs.

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