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So many problems making me feel like nothing - March 21st 2010, 12:41 AM

Ok, first of all. I have a loving family, I have about 10 or so close friends and an amazing girlfriend yet I let the other people, my indentity issues and general issues weigh me down.

My problems.
I think im bi but very few people know this. Although a lot guess I am homosexual. At school i get SEVERE harrassment from people being called gay etc. and i just cannot cope with it. I hate it and I hate myself for it. I am not gay :/ I know I'm feminine I have sisters and no dad so yeah.
Im very quiet and contained because of this. I think people are going to judge me and hate me from the minute they meet me so I remain quiet and contained which prevents alot of people actually getting know me and me getting to know a lot of people.

I dont know what to do?
I cannot handle these assholes making me feel like nothing, I dread going to school because my friends have been put into different classes so I have no back up now. I feel like nothing, It's got to the point where I'm reading to end this all.