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Re: Girlfriends with sex toys? - March 29th 2010, 07:02 AM

Even while in a relationship, having sex toys and masturbation are still a healthy part of sexual functioning. Both myself and my partners have solo time even while we are in a relationship, either with or without toys. We know enough that its a normal thing and that there is no reason to be jealous if one of us uses an inanimate object in order to further enhance orgasm while the other person isnt around. Hell, sometimes its fun to even use them together.

Talk to your partner and see what he thinks. Ultimately its your decision, and I would say go for it, but if you want his opinion and for him to feel comfortable it couldnt hurt to discuss it. Assure him that you arent "replacing" him and explain your point of view if he expresses objections. Hopefully if he is understanding and caring about your interests, he should see its not a big deal, because it really isnt.

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