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My Family and me - April 7th 2010, 04:44 AM

Well this may take a while to read but heres my story.

I am a 17 year old guy that has a really awesome family but I just don't want to deal with their crap anymore. For the past 2 or 3 years my almost all of my family members (except me and my dad) have been using drugs and pills and everything and are constantly looking for a buzz or are high whenever you see them. I don't get physically abused or get abused in any way so I'm just saying that now. But everyday whenever I do something I always hear them talking about "Where can you get those pills off of." or "Do you know anyone who can get them for me." and it really makes me sick that I have had to live with people that are constantly doing drugs and pills and everything and I just want them to move and get out. Thats the whole outline of my story and the parts that really piss me off are later.

I make really good grades in school and I do it all by myself without anyone to help me and I've never been late to class and never done anything illegal or anything and I like a lot of people like to come home and relax in my room and watch some television and play some video games on my computer but my mom usually has some stuff for me to do. This is cool with me but my brother who is 25 and doesn't pay a dime to stay in the house gets to just sit on his butt all day and not do anything and eat all of the food in the house that my dad pays for with the money he gives my mom through child support for me. This really pisses me off since I work hard to have awesome grades and don't get any rewards or anything for doing something good like for instance I won 6th place in a 'state' competition for computer programming and I didn't get anything but when my brother wants some cigarettes off of my mom which he gets like 15 cigarettes off of her literally EVERYDAY he gets them without paying her a dime and if he needs a ride to go and get some more drugs my mom will take him to go get some but if I want a ride to go spend my money on something useful like McDonalds or something so I can have something to eat that day then she'll say "Nope!" and complain to me that she doesn't wanna go but if there were drugs involved she be ready in the car in a second! WTF!

And also whenever she has some extra money from the child support she uses it not to buy me some more pants which I desperately need but some more pills or some more cigarettes for her and practically my brother. And every time that I need something important for me like some pants or some clothes or food she'll always say "Ask your dad!" which really sickens me since she wastes all of the child support money on pills or drugs and she expects my dad always to pay for everything. And this is hurting my relationship with my dad because if I ask him for something he'll either not bother with me or tell me that he has no money since my mom gets money from him everyday but not through child support and again spends it on drugs.

My mom used to be really awesome several years ago but these drugs are just making her not the same person anymore and I really miss the good times that we've had together. I asked her to stop but she doesn't listen. I told everyone to quit doing drugs around me but they deny that their doing drugs and I'm not dumb I know what they do and so does my dad. I just want this all to stop so we can have a normal family. Theres much more to the story than just that but you guys can contact me if you want the rest of it.

I maybe act a little whiney about somethings but is there anything that I can do?

Does anyone know something that'll get me through this mess?

Any replies will be completely appreciated and thank you all for hearing my story even though it was a long one!