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Re: Confused - June 14th 2010, 01:42 PM

Okay well let me start by saying a LOT of people would care if you killed yourself. Try not to think that no one would miss you, or that they wouldn't care, because they would and do care about you.

You should try to get yourself some help because cutting becomes a habit, and even though it might feel like it's helping you now, there are better ways to make yourself feel better. Showing your teacher was a good thing, because he can help you get the help you need right now

Maybe you should try talking to your mum about how you're feeling, and try to get her to understand that it's serious and not just a mood or phase that you're in. She might just be hoping that it is just a phase because she wants to believe you'll get over it pretty quickly because she loves you.

Open yourself up to getting help. It's hard to deal with these things alone.

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