Thread: Triggering (Suicide): I'm pretty much done.
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Re: I'm pretty much done. - June 24th 2010, 03:36 AM

First off all, i admire you for even going to an psychologist. when i was sucidal, i didnt wanna "spill out my life story" to a complete stranger.

But, you cant give up. I admit that i was really close to killing my self. But the only thing that keep me from doing it, was that i didnt wanna hurt my friends and family. Think of all the people that you would hurt, esp your parents, they would take it really hard, and for the rest of there lives they will be blamming them selfs that they couldnt provide you a happy life.

Well, i hope you get better. Take it from me (i literallly been there and done that). Feel free to email me if u need more advice id be happy to give it to you
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