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Re: Run Baby Run - February 2nd 2009, 08:45 PM

Hi there Kelly,

On here we can't give you tips on how to run away, so instead I'm going to try and go over some other options with you.

Have you tried talking to your parents about this? You should tell them exactly what they are doing, how it is affecting you, and how they can stop.
When talking to the school counselor, did you tell them all of what your parents have done and how it has affected you? What kind of tips did they suggest to work this out?
Are there any other family members that your parents would allow you to stay with for a while instead? That way you are still with family. It is dangerous to move out on your own so young.

What you need to remember is that people sometimes need more than one reminder. Try telling your parents that you don't like it when they say those things to you, and make sure that you tell them after every thing that makes you feel bad. It's important that you go over this with them.

Running away is not the only option- ever. There are other ways to go about this. Talking is the first step. Discussing how to fix it is the next one. Talking it over with a counselor helps and they can give you a good idea on whether or not to contact children's services. And another option would be staying with another relative.

I really hope you try talking this over with them again and reconsidering running away.

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