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Re: Harry Potter actress 'almost killed' by dad, bro for dating Hindu - July 4th 2010, 01:37 PM

Originally Posted by her_beautiful_mistake View Post
Your experience of Islam was not positive. This does not mean that Islam is 'fucked up'. To those that understand it correctly and follow the reglion correctly it is a beautiful religion.. I hate that this is rarely acknowledged because of a very small minority of extremists and people like you.

This sparked from different religions, but regardless of religions the same reactions and opinions would be present throughout the Asian community. Hence 'Asian community' not 'religion'..
Fair enough, I did overboard there but I stand by the fact that it's not as tolerant as many other religions. Don't forget that Islam is the justification used by these extremists, if their faith in Allah, or any other part of Koran could be questioned then there'd be fewer extremists. I'm not saying that Islam itself is extremist but the faith provides justification to them.
Mind you I wasn't aware that beautiful religions claimed theirs to be the one true religion.

It did spark from different religions and maybe I was unduly harsh on Islam when religion itself is to blame.